Shipping Policy

General Shipping and Handling Info

All orders are packed in an insulated Styrofoam shipping container with a cardboard outer box. Gel packs and/or dry ice will be used to keep your seafood fresh throughout the shipping process. The costs for these materials are included in your shipping fee.

Orders placed Monday-Wednesday generally ship the next business day. Orders placed on Thursday will ship by Friday if the recipient is in Florida or if overnight delivery has been selected in the shipping options. Otherwise, we will ship the order the following Monday. This is to ensure that the shipment isn't left in a Fed Ex warehouse over the weekend - thereby spoiling the contents. 

All packages are sent without a signature requirement. Customers will be emailed when their order has been delivered. Please make arrangements to have the package brought indoors and refrigerated within a reasonable amount of time after delivery has been made.



Shipping fees include the cost of an insulated box and dry ice in addition to Fed Ex charges. Orders placed in Miami-Dade county will delivered by us locally the same day they are shipped and don't require enough coolant to last overnight. They do not incur a Fed Ex shipping charge. Due to this we can offer significantly reduced shipping in the greater Miami area. Orders placed outside of Miami-Dade county will be shipped via Fed Ex. 

Shipping fees (up to 15 lbs) are as follows:

 State / Region Service Fee
Miami-Dade County Local Delivery (1 day) $7.00
Florida Fed Ex Ground (1 day) $30.00*
Fed Ex Ground (2 days) $35.00*
Fed Ex Standard Overnight $75.00*
Rest of the U.S. Fed Ex Express (2 days) $55.00*


 * Shipping fee includes the cost of insulated box and dry ice ($20) in addition to Fed Ex charges.


Getting The Most For Your Money

The shipping fee is the same for the first 15 lbs. For this reason, customers outside of our Miami-Dade local delivery area can get the most bang for their buck the closer they get to this limit. The best way to do this is by combining orders between family, friends, neighbors, or coworkers and having the order delivered to one location - allowing all to split the shipping cost.



Feel free to gives us a call at 786-477-4534 or email us at if you have any questions about our products or shipping policy.